We are Fakhrabad Holding

We believe in the importance of credibility and we are certain of our strategy, based on integrity, quality, profitability, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

CEO’s Message

Azerbaijan is confidently moving towards a market economy and rapidly integrating into a developed world. As a also, the favorable investment climate, the wide range of opportunities created by the state for entrepreneurship, the care provided to the private sector have become the basis for the development of the country’s economy and almost eliminated the state’s dependence on the oil sector.

Naturally, FAKHRABAD Holding has chosen to become a part of a prosperous and sustainable Azerbaijani economy, to stimulate the pace of development. As a holding company, we fully understand the importance of the development of the private sector in the country’s economy and our responsibility to improve the welfare of our people.

The human factor is at the heart of the development of our holding. Mutual respect, trust and team spirit between our employees, partners and customers are the foundation of our successful work.

I am confident that FAKHRABAD Holding will continue to adhere to all its values and show the world the importance of the Azerbaijani economy by signing new achievements.


Chief Executive Officer

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